Julie H. Huang-Lionnet MD, MBA as Faculty at 2019 North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) Summer Series Conference in New York City.

From North American Neuromodulation Society

New York, NY (September 6-7, 2019) – Dr. Huang-Lionnet, M.D. was invited to present as faculty for the 2019 NANS Summer Series Conference. This conference offered a one-day focused agenda geared towards residents, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and junior attendings who have a strong interest in neuromodulation and would like to incorporate the therapy into their treatment algorithm.

The conference featured lectures from leaders within the field of neuromodulation covering all aspects of this treatment modality. The conference featured sessions on understanding the types of evidence-based neuromodulation therapies (Dorsal Column-based, DRG-based, and Peripheral Nerve stimulation), NACC and PACC guidelines, ASRA guidelines for anticoagulation, Targeted Drug Delivery therapy, complex neurosurgical targets for pain (DBS, TMS, and Motor Cortex Stimulation), as well as advocacy and public perception-related discussion.

Dr. Huang-Lionnet moderated the last conference session featuring speakers – Kiran Patel, M.D., David Koth, M.D., Steven Falowski, M.D., and Corey Hunter, M.D., who covered understanding and managing therapy-related complications, salvaging therapies, and public perception and related advocacy discussion. The NYC NANS Summer Series was designed to also lead well into the NANS 2020 Annual Meeting preconference courses, relevant to residents, fellows, and junior attendings, including:

  • Neuromodulation for Advanced Implantable Therapies: A Hands-On Cadaver Course for Neurosurgery Residents and Fellows
  • Neuromodulation for Advanced Implantable Therapies: A Hands-On Cadaver Course for Pain Fellows

Dr. Huang-Lionnet serves as one of the Scientific Abstract Reviewers and Editor of the NANS newsletter. She has completed her first two-year term as Director-at-Large for the Board of Directors with plans to continue her role as Scientific Program Faculty and Editor. NANS is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the field of neuromodulation, which applies targeted electrical, chemical and biological technologies to the nervous system to relieve pain and improve function and quality of life. NANS has launched a clinical and educational forum online at www.askaboutpain.com.

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